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On Sundays

(A Poem) On Sundays, saints gather. Monday, they’re scattered—spreading Good seed in the world where it mattered. Tuesday, they waited and watered with prayer, for what was planted needed some… 

Dad’s F-words

Our world is changing faster and faster. Children and parents alike experience “information overload.” Young people have more choices than ever simply because of increased digital connection and resources being… 

The day we all died

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More than any nation, military or political power, natural disaster, culture or movement… one man changed history forever. Not because He was the first, but because He was the Christ. … 

To walk with Jesus

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To walk with Jesus requires that we also allow Him to wash our feet.…Jesus replied, “Unless I wash you, you won’t belong to me.” (John 13:8)

Welcome 2021

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However your 2020 has been, it was not what any of us had anticipated. The forced prophecies of God giving the church perfect 20/20 vision for the future seemed more… 

Forever and Always

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“Forever” is a long time. “Always” is time, plus the keeping of a promise. In a way, it transcends time itself. If someone would say “I will love you forever,”…