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Jason Betler

I am an evangelist; a teller of the glad news of Jesus Christ. Feel free to read the whole story [below].

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I blog about matters of heart, faith and the effect our worldview [our view of God and one another] affects culture.

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This blog is an extension of our missionary work. I minister to the nations, also speaking in churches and public events.

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My Story

Without hope, we are limited to our own capabilities, and the court of public opinion. Hurt could serve no purpose. Compassion a ceaseless lament. The value of personhood would remain in question. Fear and suffering would choke out our abilities to make decisions and move forward in a life that has no meaning or significance.

Hope is necessary, wondrous, simple and deep. It connects with the inner voice of humanity; that voice that tells us to “get up, and try again.”

The ultimate source of hope cannot be limited by ourselves. It is and must be more grand. 

In this blog, I will be sharing my personal journey of the constant discovery of hope; what or Who gives it and how it makes us “tick.”  It is my desire to stir your hearts and minds to wonder at the ingenuity of the work of God in Christ Jesus that leaves an unmistakable impression of the fingerprint of God on our soul. 

Let our life be lived out of the hope we have been given.

-Jason Betler 

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