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A Good Day for Donkeys

Palm Sunday was a milestone in the life of donkeys.

I wonder if he felt the weight of history on his back.

Some of his predecessors also had great success. A donkey carried a pregnant Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus was to be born. Another who belonged to a reckless prophet named Balaam, spoke to save his life and ministry. But now King Jesus entered Jerusalem, on the back of a donkey, to deliver His people. The crowd before them shouted “Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!” and seemed part like the Red Sea for the momentous occasion.

The donkey Jesus rode had a unique perspective. He felt the weight of the moment and took direction from the Savior on his back, while seeing the expectation of the people. 

Some expected Jesus to kill the evil Romans and start a new political party. Others were starving and wanted their bellies full. Religious people were enthusiastic and encouraged by the cheering crowd. 

To this very day, there are a lot of misconceptions about who Jesus is and what He does.  

The vantage point of the donkey should also be that of believers today. We are saddled with taking direction from our Lord. He is with us. We must be comfortable with the weight of our responsibility. We must walk out the Life Christ has chosen for us. Ignore the cheers of the crowd and our own stubborn opinions so that we can yield to His direction. 

A donkey carried Jesus, but Jesus did not come to save donkeys. He came to save you. 

Every person who has yielded to the Lordship of Jesus Christ is a product of His power to save. And it is through those who are being saved that Jesus is carried into this world.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, it is not you who carry the hope of the world into the city. It is now you, not the crowd, that shouts “Hosanna in the highest!” You know in whom you have believed. 

The trust Jesus placed on a donkey on Palm Sunday, He now places upon you to take Him where He wants to go; to the people only He can save.